#Thyroid Autoantibodies As Evidence Of #Lupus

Editorial In cases where a diagnosis of lupus or an autoimmunity remains elusive, the presence of a myraid of autoantibodies including thyroid autoantibodies, in the absence of thyroid symptoms, can be used as circumstantial evidence

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We need it for Gout

How many times where we came across patients we suspect of having Gout but do not have crystals identified in the joint? Although it remains the gold standard for diagnosis, it is by far, unreliable. It depends on the laboratory personnel to look at the slides as completely as possible.

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Treat to target in Lupus : a vague concept

As mentioned, the heterogeneity and the lack of measurable biomarkers has made treating to target almost impossible in lupus. Treating lupus is a mix of art, science and experience. Pre-empting a flare may be

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Treatment of skin conditions for rheumatologists

Treatment of skin conditions for rheumatologists


1. Know the potency of your steroid creams.
2. Use steroids for shortest duration possible. Know the risks of topical steroids. Eg skin atrophy and redness and other systemic side effects
3. Give enough cream to the patients. This depends on the surface area, frequency and duration.
4. Do not hesitate to refer to a dermatologist. A time frame of 2 weeks was suggested if there is no improvement in the skin condition.

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